A New Chilling Season is the first episode of Total Drama: Superstars.

A Chilling New Season
Season 9, Episode 1
Date June 6th 2014
Challenge(s) Chip an ice block, ride it down a mountain, then carve team logo on it.
Reward(s) Immunity, Hot Tub
Winner(s) Killer Gophers
Eliminated Dakota
Exile Leshawna
Episode Guide
"Queen of the Mountain

(season 8)"

"An Uphill Battle"

Stars Will Fly


The episode starts off with Chris recapping the previous season. He explains this season and introduces the 18 super stars competing. They all complain about the cold weather this season, as it takes place in the Artic. Especially contestants in warm weather outfits, such as Scott and Anne Maria. Dakota complains, but for a different reason, her cellphone would not work. Chris announced the teams are divided by what season they debuted in, and he announces that for the challenge, the teams must split into pairs. One pair from each team must get ice, then another pair tries to slide down a hill with the ice, and the final pair will carve the team logo. In the end, The Radioactive Leeches lost. The females of the Original Cast started to bicker as Bridgette was accused of stealing Lindsay's make up bag. At elimination, Chris asked to raise your hand if you think you will get a vote. All raised their hand excpet Dakota, who stated "I'm too pretty and good at challneges" Turns out she was wrong as she was the first person voted off in a 3-2-1 vote.


  • This marks the first time Dakota doesn't reach the final four.
    • This also marks the first time Mike outranks Daktoa.

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