A Sting & A Zing
Season 4, Episode 3
Px-Dakota is eliminated1
Date 20th October 2013
Challenge(s) Escape a Mutated Honey Bee Hive
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Toxic Rats
Eliminated None
Episode Guide
"Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!"
"Wawanakwa Showdown"

A Sting & A Zing is the third episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. It aired on October 20, 2013. It is the first episode where nobody is sent home.


Chris announces today's challenge; a honey bee hive escape. The campers are sent into a huge mutated honey bee hive, in which they will have to find a way out without...dying. Dakota and Cameron ended up losing the challenge for the Mutant Maggots. Dakota was supposed to be eliminated, garnering four out of five votes, but was instead places on the Toxic Rats.


  • This episode was named by ChunkyChipackers.
    • It beat the title Bee Afraid, Bee Very Afraid on a vote off.
  • This episode marks the debut of the mutated honey bees.
  • This is currently the only episode in the season that has nobody eliminated.[[Category:C
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