An Uphill Battle is the second episode of Total Drama Superstars.

An Uphill Battle
Season 9, Episode 2
Date June 7th, 2014
Challenge(s) Race up a mountain to get a sled, some good, some bad, then race back down.
Reward(s) A stay at a luxurious, warm, house for the night.
Winner(s) Radioactive Leeches
Eliminated Bridgette
Exile None
Episode Guide
"A Chilling New Season"
"Battle of the Snow Forts!"


The episode begins with Anne Maria questioning why Dakota was eliminated. Scott replied stating she was an idiot. Jo said it was Mike who voted Zoey to her and suggested eliminating him. Bridgette talked to Lindsay, and as a result, Lindsay forgave her and they became friends again. The challenge is announced to be a race. Teams must climb up a snow mountain, and grab a sled. It's first comes, first serve, then its a race back down with their sled. They begin climbing, and Duncan meets up with Dave and Shawn, as they were allies the previous season. Courtney and Dave argue about relevance. An avalanche happens and everyone tries to hide and shockingly, nobody died. All teams reached the top. Leeches getting the best sled, Kai Mata gets the second best, and Gophers get the worst. Turns out, due to Mike's leadership, and Bridgette and Lindsay falling out the sled, that was the order in which they finished and the Leeches got a reward of a luxurious place to sleep at. The Gophers voted off Bridgette, due to being a reason for their lost and being a fan favorite.


  • As of this episode, Lindsay is the only alliance member from the Blonde Alliance left.

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