Anne Maria
Toxic Rats
Villainous Vultures
Radioactive Leeches

Team Scott

Anne Maria
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episodes Competed 23
Eliminated TDROTI:Won

TDAS: Big Ballin TDSS: The Rolling Balls

Place TDROTI:1st


TDSS: 8th

Relationship Vito (broken up)
Family TBA
Friends Mike, Jo, Brick, Scott, Dakota
Enemies Staci, Zoey, Lightning, Heather, Scarlett
Played By Rj3ful1 (talk)

Anne Maria labeled The Sassy Hair Girl was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Total Drama Revenge of the IslandEdit

Anne Maria started off worrying about her hair, and annoyed by Staci. She was glad with her team, seeing some strong men and athletic girls. Anne was working hard to get the challenge done and her team won. Anne Maria laid low for the next few episodes, but, she bonded with Jo, Scott, and Brick, whom she ended up being in a tight alliance with taking out most of their team. After Dakota was switched to her team, Anne Maria was annoyed with her, but, she ended up knowing her better, making them best friends. Anne Maria invited Dakota in the alliance, but, Jo, her other ally, was betrayed by the alliance, while Anne didn't know about it. Anne Maria, Scott, Brick, and Dakota dominated the merge, and became the final four. Scott saved Anne Maria, bringing her in the final three. Scott then quit the next episode, saving her again. Anne Maria ended up beating Brick in the finale, winning her a million dollars!

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

She is a member of the Villainous vultures. She started making friends with Noah finding him the most trustworthy person on the team and got into many fights with Heather even after she switched teams. Brick kissed her and Anne Maria repaid him by kicking his kewis. Brick who was close with Heather got her voted out.


  • Anne Maria is the second person to have a different hairstyle in the show. Heather being the first, but, unlike Heather, she never competed on the show WITH her new hair, but she had three hairstyles, and she competed with two of them.