1. User:Amazing Hijotee for sockpuppetry, 1,000 years (currently banned)

2. User:AwesomeTD for sockpuppetry, 1,000 years (currently banned)

3. User:Dawn Fan Forever for sockpuppetry, 1,000 years (currently banned)

4. User:Totaldrama100 for controlling another user's account, 1 month (unbanned)

5. User:XxItzTDAudreyxX for trolling, 1 year (currently banned)

6. User:BatIsATwink for harrassing users, trolling, sockpuppetry and cursing despite recieving many warnings , 1,000 years (currently banned)

7. User:Cody 2015 for sockpuppetry, 1,000 years (currently banned)

8/9/10. User:ChunkyChipackers, User:Ben13h, and User:FruitLoopDingus for sockpuppetry, harrassment, cursing, vandalism, and plotting to overthrow the wiki, 1,000 years (currently banned)

Chat Bans

1. User:SteelWolf for excessive use of sockpuppets in chat, 1 day, (ban ended)

2. User:SteelWolf for cursing, 2 hours (ban ended)

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