This is the Second Episode of Total Drama Underdogs that aired on the 9th of Febuary 2014

Battling with Bread
Season 7, Episode 2
Battle with bread
Date 9th February 2014
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Team Golden Champs
Eliminated Leonard
Exile Topher
Episode Guide
"16 losers, 1 city, let the drama begin"
"Valentine's Day Puzzle"


Total Drama Underdogs episodes
Pre-merge 16 losers, 1 city, let the drama begin Battling with Bread Valentine's Day Puzzle What Sadie wants Sadie Gets The Demo Derby Taxis Topher Gets Busted......Again Plays Are to be Made Fun of, Not Heard Every Chef Needs An Amy. Stealing a Team Mate Racing with Beds!
Post-merge In 30 Maggots Or Less Extreme Game Takeover : Home Edition The Alliance Games The Waves To the Final Three Trouble with Trivia The Ultimate Underdog Finale!
Charcters Actors
Chris  1  GODuncan
Blaineley GODuncan
Jasmine GODuncan
Jo Drfizwuz997xlol
Leonard TeamDarkFan4
Owen DegrassiFTW27
Dj  1 RockerBoyAlien4
Rodney 1 OMGIt'sGarret
Sadie 1 GODuncan
Sierra Drfizwuz997xlol
Sky  1 Drfizwuz997xlol
Staci Alexhouse
Trent RockerBoyAlien4
Topher OMGIt'sGarret
Sam OMGIt'sGarret
Zoey RockerBoyAlien4
  • Chef apperes but has no lines.
  • 1  indacates that they were subbed.


  • This is the first episode every contestants speak.
    • Chef is the only one to not.
  • This marks the first time someone is Emilated in the same episode as there last season.
    • In this case Leonard was voted off in the second episode of both TDPI and TDU.
  • This is the first time that an allainice is made in this season.

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