Big Ballin
Season 5, Episode 4
Date 15th November 2013
Challenge(s) An obstacle course
Reward(s) Immunity, Night in the spa hotel
Winner(s) Heroic Hamsters
Eliminated Anne Maria
Exile Heather
Episode Guide
"To Kill a Contestant"
"Leech battle"
The contestants open with everyone talking per-usual. Brick is obsessing over bacon, Heather is scheming, Mal steals ShadowHeart. Dawn ponders where ShadowHeart goes. Chris introduces the challenge by explaining the obstacles they will have to face. Then, He states that the challenge is based off of the reality TV show, Wipeout. Mal and Alejandro are chosen to lead their teams, Alejandro for the Villains, Mal for the Heroes. Chris starts the challenge and they start running. Heather trips and falls, kissing Mal. Lindsay falls on her face because she tripped. Heather encourages her team and then Dakota decides on a plan, but it is immediately voted out, as Bridgette's plan was decided on. Noah had chosen the order for the Villains. The Villains were in the lead, but the Heroes were slowly catching up. The Heroes soonly passed them at the third obstacle. Noah states that they reached the finish line, but the Heroes were already there. Before the elimination, Heather trys to get Brick into voting off A Certain Contestant. Heather and Anne Maria keep on bickering, as Anne Maria was not warped into Heather's strategy. At the elimination, the bottom three were Lightning, Alejandro, and Anne Maria. Lightning then got the next symbol of safety with just one vote. In a 5-1 vote, Anne Maria was deemed the third loser of Total Drama All-Stars. Heather then told her about her strategy, even though Anne Maria knew all along. Anne Maria then got flushed down the Flush Of Shame, screaming obscenities at Heather.
Anne Maria Flush

Anne Maria in the Flush of Shame

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