This is the 3rd episode of Total Drama Redemption and the start of Redemption Island

Blind Trust is Key
Season 8, Episode 3
Date 3rd April 2014
Winner(s) Team Friendship
Eliminated Ezekiel (Sent to Redemption Island)

Scarlett (Eliminated)

Exile Gwen
Episode Guide
"Waterfalls and Strategic Brawls"
"Out Play, Out Puke"

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode opens with a Redemption Island duel between Ella and Scarlett. The two have ingredients to make a delicious meal but there are different types of each specific one, with some smarts, guessing and a bit of luck they must make sure they get the correct ones or else they lose. Both managed to get the majority right but Scarlett made one fatal flaw and was forced to leave. Meanwhile, Shawn and Duncan got back to work on recruiting and so did Gwen as it seemed a even line had been drawn, or so it seems until Dave puts himself in the middle and agrees to both! In addition Lightning who felt like he was at the bottom of the all male alliance comes to Samey who feels she is the weak leak of hers. The two drum up a conversation and make a deal soon after. Max is also up to tricks himself as he speaks to Sugar and Beardo and convinces them to vote a mystery competitor but he needs the numbers to do so. In the challenge 4 people had to guide 4 other contestants across a maze and afterward those same callers must work on a puzzle with Chris' face on it. In the challenge Izzy is the first to finsh the maze, followed by Gwen. At first The Crushers have a lead but begin lagging behind in the puzzel protion since Max was the only one doing anything. and eventually lose the challenge. Lightning was insanely fired up and his confidence had caught the attention of Katie. Although it seems Team Friendship was having a great time, the same couldn't be said on the other as it was time for Max to go to work. He starts putting his plan into effect and convinced Izzy to join him on a vote by preying on her obsession for mayhem. The ceremony is crazy as votes go to B, Geoff and Ezekiel. B walked away safe, leaving Geoff and Zeke low. After a moment of suspense Zeke is eliminated much to his suprise and Max's delight as he arrogantly waves goodbye to Zeke on his way to redemption island.


  • This is the first appearance of Redemption Island
  • B, Duncan, Ezekiel and Dave watched the event occur
  • This can be argued to be the first blindside of the season

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