These are extra cilps from the newest season Total Drama Pahkitew Island of whats happens after the contestants get shot of a cannon losing there million. These are shown before the finale to promot it. 

Jasmine's Cannon of ShameEdit

When she is shot out of the cannon she ends up leading in Austrailla. She ends up getting stuck in Quick Sand. A kangaroo come where Jasmine ask it to helps her out. It ends up kicking her, nocking her out but she goes flying. 

Leonard's Cannon of ShameEdit

When he is shot out he lands in China. There a men dress in a Dargon comstume and Leonard thinks he is real and tires to zap him away with his wand. Leonard closes his eyes, then guy starts to run away and Leonard thinks he zaped him away. A real Dragon pops up behind him and blows fire at him.  

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