Psychotic Actors
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episodes Competed 3
Seasons Competed 1
Eliminated TDRC: Slippers in the Beanstalk
Place TDRC: 16th
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Played By Coolboy87
Coco will debut in the newest season of the Roleplay, her being sixteen years of age. 


Coco used to work in a Christmas workshop, she was a happy girl previously, bubbly, but she forgot many things and toys malfunctioned as a result, she endangered many, none were harmed luckily. Coco was still saddened, and as she became an adolescent, on Total Drama she has a mask on, always thinking it's Christmas, simply because it's easier and it requires no effort. She does not want anyone to know her real personality on TV, and would not show it. She has a fear she may be edited badly if she does, even if she is edited badly as her fake self, it is okay, as she is not being herself.

Due to being on the show, she starts to desire internship, which she does get at age 22 on another reality competition (which she had competed in previously, which is seperate from this).


Coco is a nice girl who loves doing things, much unlike her friend Molly, but forgets things really easily. She eventually remembers them at horrible times. Coco sometimes speaks slowly especially when trying to remember things. She is never insulted, being oblivious when someone insults her. She also loves to think it's Christmas. Coco sometimes tries to communicate in her language only to fail. By saying; "Cake-O" or "Loco" instead of Coco. In challenges Coco can do well, she has immense running skills her obliviousness can sometimes confuse the others, unintentionally giving her an advantage. Also, Coco is sensitive her feelings are hurt easily.



  • Coco's bio states she has a friend named Molly, which makes reference to the fact that Coco is based off of Molly's scrapped design (with a pony tail instead) which was later tooled into Dawn.

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