Dany is labeled The Crazy Optimist  in Total Drama: Red Carpet and a member of  Psychotic Actors 

Psychotic Actors 
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDRC: TBA
Family TBA
Friends Daniel , Rosie ,
Enemies TBA
Played By Niksdorfv


When Dany was born she had a smile on her face, but after two years her mom and dad died because of the plane crash. Dany was left alone with her brother Alex. But she was the biggest optimist in her town. She loved watching MLP and Gravity Falls. She worked as a clown in childrens parties. She loved all the holidays espacially Hanuka, because you get present every day. But inside her sweater she has a picture of her mom. That she is keeping for the season. 


Dany is always happy and almost everybody she meets its her friend (exept for haters) She likes every show, every game and everything! (exept for olives which are lik totally bleah) She can be optimistic in any situation even when somebody is being eaten by a bear. But the mos interesting thing sbout her is that she can break the 4th wall. 


Dany: Hello there! My name is Dany and I would like to be a contestant on Total Drama Red Carpet! I am a big fan of everything! And I hope I will meet new friends on the show! I grabbed all the special things in my favorite sweater. So, pick me! 

Alex: Go dany !

Dany: Thank you Alex. Well, see ya!

  • confetti comes out of Dany's sweater.

Total Drama: Red CarpetEdit

Lights, Camera, Drama 

In the first episode Dany appeared on Total Drama: Red Carpet and the first thing she did was making selfies with everybody. At the challenge, while everybody else were screaming she was happy and excited. When she fell, she teamed with her first friend of the season - Daniel. They were 5th/6thnto climb up. At the end Haylay lost and Dany turned out to be on her team and at the end while everybody was mean to Haylay she thought of her as a new friend. Derek and Haylay were low, and at the end she went home. 

The House of Chef 

In the second episode , all of the contesatnts were scared exept for her. She was jumping around while everybody else were running and screaming. At the end she grabbed Dylan and Rosie's hands and opened the door which let to ghosts. And there she got out. Her team lossed again and Nichole got out of the game. 




Dany's original desing.


Dany's chat form.

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