Mutant Maggots

Heroic Hamsters

Psychotic Actors

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Gray
Episodes Competed 24
Eliminated TDROTI: The Boney Life

TDAS: A push in the race

TDRC: The Tapes

Place TDROTI: 5th

TDAS: 9th

TDRC: 10th

Relationship Mike
Family ShadowHeart, Bugs, Mrs.VanillaGreen
Friends Cameron, Mike, Dakota, Bridgette, Brick,Lindsay
Enemies Sam
Played By Former: JRO123

Current: Alexhouse721

Dawn, labeled The Moonchild is a character on Total Drama Revenge of the Island. She is played by Alexhouse721==

"The Race For First Place!"Edit

Dawn arrived very eagerly to  Camp Wawanaka. She helped in the challenge. She also made fast friends with Mike and Cameron.She voted Staci out for being way to annoying.

"Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!"Edit

Dawn was very quiet in this episode only walking with Mike and helping her team.

"A Sting & A Zing"Edit

She spoke to Dakota in the morning.And tried to read Mike aura but he ran away from her.

"Wawanakwa Showdown"Edit

She avoided Mike as she sensed a evil growing in him.She later told him of the evil she sensed.

"Friday, The Hurt-eenth"Edit

She was first kidnapped so she did not do much.

"Mutant Mania"Edit

She was shown washing people clothes early in the episode.She rounded up many of the mutants around the island and took a picture trying to put Chris in jail.She also made friends with Fang but started to not like Sam after he killed Fang.

"Hide & Seeeeeeeeeeeek!Edit

She was getting sick this episode and Mike brought her back to camp after she fainted eariler in episode. 

"Liar, Liar - Pants on Fire"Edit

She helped Her team win and sucked at the trivia game she also wondered why mike did not tell her about his Disorder.


She was beginning to think Vito was the evil persona in mike she sensed.Her boat got destroyed by Brick.AT the ceremony when Mike left she kissed him good-bye.

"The Boney Life"Edit

She was very lonely in this episode as She was the last maggot in final 5.She then made a few friends,A laser squirrel named Shadowheart,A bunny named Bugs, and a raccoon named Mrs.VanillaGreen.She was first to quit the challenge as she could not control a Bear.She took her pets with her as she was shot out of Boney Island.

Heroes V.S Villans Edit

She arrived with her pets to the new season .she talked to Bridgette and was 3 out of challenge.she was neutral for Harold leaving.  

Season User Rank Team
1 Not Competing
2 Not Competing
3 Not Competing
4 JRO123 5 Mutant Maggots
5 Alexhouse721 9th Heroic Hamsters