Derek labeled The Jock is a contestant who debuted in Total Drama Red Carpet.

Psychotic Actors
Derek by bennyboy1369-d7eg3k8
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Light Green
Episodes Competed 4
Seasons Competed 1
Eliminated TDRC: TBA
Relationship Rosie (mutual attraction)
Friends Daniel, Kai, Rosie, Dylan, Clementine, Dany
Enemies Hayley, EggBert, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet
Played By GODuncan

Total Drama: Red Carpet

Derek was happy to be on Total Drama, when he got off the bus he just started playing with his football. Derek then made the first confessional of the season. Later, his soon to be teammates Kai, Dylan, and Daniel joined in. Then Chris pulled the lever sending everyone down a hole. Derek was mad that Chris did it without a warning. He found out the challenge and started climbing the hole with Daniel and Kai, Soon, Daniel fell and he just walked, leaving Derek with Kai. Almost nearing the end, Derek almost fell but Kai pulled him up. They finished. A few minutes later Derek heard someone say "help me" in the cave, he looked down and saw it was Rosie. Derek climbed back down and put Rosie on his back and climbed back up. He glared at Hayley when he found out she lost them the challenge. Before the ceremony Daniel offered Derek to help him get Rosie, which Derek accepted. Derek got one vote but was safe as Hayley got eliminated 7-1. The next episode Derek felt pretty confident about winning, until he got caught and his team lost again, he got 1 vote in the ceremony. In the next episode he trained to win this challenge. Halfway into the challenge Rosie fell ontop of Derek and kissed him, much to his shock. Derek later made a confessional stating his happiness from the kiss. In the end his team lost again and he got LOW again.


Total Drama: Red Carpet

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