Do you want to build a snow Chris? is the fifth episode of Total Drama: Superstars.

Do you want to build a snow Chris?
Season 9, Episode 5
Date June 13, 2014
Challenge(s) Make a Chris statue out of snow.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Team Scott
Eliminated Courtney
Exile Scott
Episode Guide
"The Four Rounds of Torture"


The episode began with Amy crying over Max's elimination, Scarlett tried conforting her, but failed to do so. Earlier than usual, Chris called out the contestants for the challenge. Everyone was questioned by this, and it turns out there would be brand new teams! Everyone was worried and excited. The teams were randomly selected. Team One consisted of Jo, Courtney, Harold, Duncan, Zoey, Beardo, and Scarlett. Team Two consisted of Scott, Anne Maria, Lindsay, Amy, Leshawna, Mike, and Dave. Chris gave them five minutes to come up with team names. Jo and Scott jokingly named the teams Team Jo and Team Scott, annoying everybody. Those turned out to be the official names. The challenge was to build a Chris snowman to see how the new teams can cooperate. They all worked, with Duncan carving, Amy and Lindsay getting carrots, Anne spraying the head, and others gathering snow. The time was up and Chris examined it. He thought the spray made him look realistic, and thought it stood out, making Team Scott win, plus, Courtney messed up the arm. At elimination, she got her karma, as she was voted off in a 5-1-1 vote.


The episode name is an obvious parody on "Do You Want To Build A Snow Man" from the Disney 2013 animated film "Frozen".

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