Early Morning Mayhem is the tenth episode Total Drama Redemption, That Aired on the 21th of April 2014

Early Morning Mayhem
Season 8, Episode 10
Early Morning Mayhem
Date 21st April 2014
Challenge(s) Collect Puzzel piece that is hidden in the water and reassemble it
Winner(s) Team Friendship
Eliminated Beardo ( Sent to Redemption Island
Episode Guide
"The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders"
"The Control-Freaks Come Out At Night"
This is part one of a two part Total Drama Redemption event.

Plot SummaryEdit

This weeks challenge is simple: You must dive underwater and retrieve a bag full of puzzle pieces, once you retrieve the bag you must head up and tag in your team mate, this process continues until you get all 4 bags. Once that is done you must create the puzzle before the other team to win. Since Crushers have a 2 person advantage a tired Amy and Beardo sit out. It proves to be a neck and neck challenge with the last round of dives going to Sugar and Gwen with Gwen getting a huge lead. Above water Beardo begins to be very lazy and annoying to his team mates. Gwen comes out ahead and Team Friendship wins shortly after. It's a close vote with Beardo and B being the bottom two. The final vote is read and Beardo is sent packing with Max dully telling him it wasn't personal. Before they can head back to their camp though, Chris announces the day isn't over and says they have one more challenge tonight!


  • This is the first 2 parter to not feature the same challenge in both episodes.
  • This is marks the official end of the TDPI guy trio with Max being the only one left.
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