Anne and Vito

Anne and Vito making out

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Anne Maria started off disliking everyone, giving them a sassy attitude. But she began to make allies slowly, but still having enemies.


Anne Maria, at first, didn't like herand called her Barbie doll. But, she was put in an alliance with her. She began to act more friendly towards her, and they began a friendship.


Anne Maria and Heather didn't talk much, until Anne Maria's final episode. Anne Maria began to become sassy to Heather, and Heather convinced The Villains to vote her off.


Anne Maria hated Jo and her style at first, but as they began to share things in common, due to being in an alliance, they worked together, and had a good friendship. Jo was Anne Maria's first conficts on the show, and ironcly her's first friend. Jo didn't like both her sassiness and her worber, as she perferd her's sexy gray sweetplants. But after Scott stole her sweetplants she had no chance expect to get a jersey makeover. Jo serectly liked it, but she would never do it again. They became close and Jo let her into her big allainice. When the big blindside happen Anne Maria didn't backstab her and was very sad when she left. Jo said she wished Anne Maria would win. In the finale she got her wished as she voted for Anne Maria to win and she did. Anne Maria give part of her money to her so she could buy jersey cloths when she goes out to partys. 

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