MIke is one of the best friends of Cameron. They were friends form the first episode of TDRI. Cameron was notice something weird about Mike and he was the first person who met Mike's personalities. They also got to be in same team both seasons TDRI and TDAS.


Like Mike, Cameron become a good friend with Dawn from the first episode of Total Drama Revenge of The Island. He was impressed of Dawns speaking with animals. She was helping him with challenges and they both got on the same team.


Dakota was friend with Cameron just a little bit. When Cameron knew that she wanted to vote for him he got scared. And when she got to the team Rats, he got shocked.


Cameron wasn't a lot of "friends" with Staci, and he got REALLY annoyed by her. In the end of the first challenge he voted for her, and she got out.


Lightning and Cameron wasn't a lot of "friend" stuff. Cameron was trying to make Lightning join his alliance but he didn't heard him. He was really stupid in the challenges and Cameron was sick of whole "Sha".

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