Jo is a major charcter in Revenge of The Island and Underdogs even thought she was fourth out in Revenge. She still manges to interact with very memeber in the seconed gen and most of the constestants in Underdogs. She has both friendships and Conficts and is consider an over all Anti-hero. 

Jo and Anne MariaEdit

Anne Maria was Jo's first conficts on the show, and ironcly her's first friend. Jo didn't like both her sassiness and her worber, as she perferd her's sexy gray sweetplants. But after Scott stole her sweetplants she had no chance expect to get a jersey makeover. Jo serectly liked it, but she would never do it again. They became close and Jo let her into her big allainice. When the big blindside happen Anne Maria didn't backstab her and was very sad when she left. Jo said she wished Anne Maria would win. In the finale she got her wished as she voted for Anne Maria to win and she did. Anne Maria give part of her money to her so she could buy jersey cloths when she goes out to partys. 
Anne Maria IIB4

Anne Maria's reaction that Jo was leaving, not Brick

Jo and BrickEdit

As they first came on the show she felt netrual on him but quickly started hating him with a passion. Once Dakota switched he was anoyed with his cursh on her and after B go voted out, he was her next target. She made an allainice with everyone on the team and planed to vote him out. This was until Scott bindsided her. Scott told her that Sam was trying to blindside her changing her vote from Brick to Sam. Brick laughed at her when she left. Jo voted Anne Maria in the finale. 
Finders Creepers (38)

Jo and Brick in the bottom two

Jo and BEdit

Jo originally didn't like him that much seeing him as socially weak and calling him Sient Cyborg. She did start finding him as the second strongest member of the team, behind her of course and didn't want to see him leave. They started to from an friendship and with Scott said that he stole all the stuff he didn't believe him. She tried defended him by blaming it on Cameron they guy he couldn't trust. Jo started thinking Scott was superiors and two of them voted off Scott but B went instead. Jo then promised to avenge him.

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