Extreme Game Takeover: Home Edition is the 12th episode of Total Drama: Underdogs. It aired on March 25, 2014. 

Extreme Game Takeover : Home Edition
Season 7, Episode 12
Date 25th March 2014
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Jasmine
Eliminated Trent
Exile Owen
Episode Guide
"In 30 Maggots Or Less"
"The Alliance Game"


Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins with the contestants miserably spending their time in the losers motel. Zoey, Sky and Sierra envy Trent while Jo tries to make the most of it by encorporating the place into her workout. They get called to the lobby and it is there where they find out their next challenge: using newly destroyed buildings to create homes. The contestants get to work and the game is on! Trent conceals his work, Owen haphazardly does his by piecing in together with used gum, Sky and Jo rush right through theirs and Sierra and Sadie cluelessly decorate theirs. Owen uses the challenge time to try to make a power move. He helps a confused Sadie with a screwdriver and asks her to vote for a mystery competitor. He does the same with Jasmine , using their lack in numbers as an explanation. The challenge ends and Chris begins to judge. Jo's gym like structure, Sadie's almost worthless home, Sierra's overly pink building and Sky's overall bland home are all brutally riffed on. Zoey gets a good rank and so does Owen, but he is off by a point as Jasmine lands a 8/10 and is immune for the 1st time. It's elimination time and there is a 4-1-1-1 vote. The three people with 1's are Zoey, Sierra and Sadie which means Trent is sent packing. Owen feels bad about it, but still wanting to improve his stance in the game, he volunteers for exile.


-This has the most people ever at the bottom with the eliminated contestant and three low

- With this episode there have now been 5 seasons to feature building challenges in a row, with Stranded Castle Builders and Wawanakwa Showdown along with both All Stars' and Pahkitew Island's

- The episodes title is a parody of the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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