This is the 14th episode of TDA that aired on the 22nd of September 2013 and one featuring a land mark ranking in the Total Drama RP: The Final Four

Final Foarrrr Treasure Hunt
Season 2, Total Drama Action, Episode 14
Final 4
Date 22nd September 2013
Challenge(s) Steal the other teams gold
Reward(s) Decides who goes
Winner(s) Duncan and Harold
Eliminated Noah
Episode Guide
"Surfing Tourny "
"Animal Buddies"

Plot Summary Edit

The contestants wake up extremely hyped for their next challenge but that hype soon fades as Chris announces a huge twist for the challenge. The four much work in pairs and not only that, those two decide what happens to the others. Noah and Courtney are paired while Harold and Duncan end up together. The contest is based on pirate movies and the groups must steal the opposing sides gold. It's a close in heated battle with Harold bringing out the nunchucks, Duncan resorting to his usual trickery, Noah scratching and clawing, Courtney kicking kiwis. After a long challenge and winded Harold runs back to his side with the gold to Duncan's excitement as the two gain immunity. The ball is in their court when it comes to who is going and reluctantly, Noah is chosen to leave.

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