This is an interaction page between Geoff and Courtney



They started a fake reationship in Total Drama World Tour, however Geoff thaught it was real.

How it formedEdit

It formed when Geoff wanted to get back at Lindsay, Also Courtney played him to get farther in the game

Total Drama World TourEdit

This relationship took a couple of episodes to happen. Courtney used as a way to get farther, and later their teams worked together which strengthened the couple's power, however the episode after their teams worked together Geoff's team lost and the remaining campers (including courtney) voted him off. Even after this, Geoff still likes Courtney,Its should also be noted In episode 9 Courtney had a brief moment of liking Geoff but quickly denied it. 

Total Drama All StarsEdit

Courtney has no promblems getting over Geoff as he was never even methiod once. She started a reationship with Scott.

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