This is an interaction page of Geoff and Lindsay.


Geoff and Lindsay formed there relationship very fast and are constantly making out. They were the 2nd couple to form. However, they also ended very fast, as they both had feelings for more then each other.

How it formedEdit

In the 3rd episode Heather was bossing Lindsay around, so Geoff stood up to Heather and hid during the challenge with Lindsay and they made out.


They ended in the 3rd episode of TDWT

Total Drama World TourEdit

Due to Geoff being first out in TDA, Lindsay forgot about Geoff and started flirting with other guys, in the episode after Lindsay was eliminated in WT, Geoff showed his anger about Lindsay flirting last season by hooking up with Courtney, thus ending their relationship.

Total Drama All StarsEdit

Heather taunts Lindsay about her break up with Geoff.

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