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The immunity idol was introduced in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, it was given to a member of the Toxic Rats. That person was Scott. He used it in Boney Island Supreme to save Anne Maria from elimination.

In Total Drama All-Stars exlied campers go to Boney Island to find the idol. Lindsay found the idol and used it at the next elimination ceremony to save Bridgette, but with the second most votes, Lindsay was sent packing.

In Total Drama Underdogs exiled campers went to the ghetto. Trent found it and saved himself and eliminated Sadie.

In Total Drama Redemption the idol was discontinued after a few episodes.

In Total Drama SuperStars Anne Maria found the idol and saved herself with it, eliminating Lindsay.


  • Anne Maria has been saved by two idols.
    • Likewise, Lindsay has been eliminated by two idols.