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This is a page about the interactions between Harold and Heather

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Heather choesing to save Alejandro, not Harold

Total Drama IslandEdit

Harold joined Heather's alliance but was later backstabbed to spite Leshawna.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Harold was reluctant at first, but he joined another Heather alliance, later Heather got attracted to him and he got attracted to her. When Heather had a choice to boot either Harold or Alejandro, she chose Harold.

Total Drama All StarsEdit

They both made the season and where on different teams. After Harold was Emilated first, Heather tired to take credit for emilation him even thought she told the team to vote off Cameron. Later on in the season she kisses Brick. After she was Emilated it was unknown where there relationship stands until the special where it was revalued that Harold forgive her and they started playing online video games where Heather was five month pregant in it.


  • They both have made the final four twice
  • Both has been a part of a love triangle before.