Hot Air Balloon War
Season 5, Episode 15
Date 7th of December 2013
Challenge(s) A Race to boney island using hot air balloons, find an idol and race back.
Reward(s) Immunity, choose to eliminate
Winner(s) Dakota
Eliminated Bridgette
Episode Guide
"Wipe Castle"
"The All-Stars Finale: Queen vs.Mean!"

 The final three race to Boney Island in hot air balloons. some tried to be as nice as possible while some one failed at it. Ultimately an unlikely contestant wins while the other two fail. In the end the winner picks someone she owed sending the other one home. Only two are left but only one will win!


The episode opens up with Dakota and Bridgette in the loser cabins talking about how there excited to be in the final three, as its the farthest they have ever went. Chris then calls them outside. There is a big storm and rain is poring down. 
Bridgette Flush

Bridgette is the Last Person to take the Flush of Shame

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