Team Kinosewak

Team Golden Champs

Team Retro

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episodes Competed 12
Seasons Competed 2
Eliminated TDPI: 100 ways to cry, win, and die

TDU: In 30 Maggots Or Less

Place TDPI: 14th

TDU: 1st

Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Rodney, Topher, Blaineley, Sadie, Zoey, Jo, Scarlett
Enemies Sugar, Staci, Sam, DJ, Sierra Alejandro
Played By Scottney + Fang (season 6)

GODuncan (season 7-present)

Total Drama UnderdogsEdit

Jasmine was the first person on her team to attempt the first challenge, but failed. She had to fight with Zoey in the second challenge, knowing she couldn't win she threw Zoey and herself off the rope. She helped do damage to the other team's car, also hitting Rodney with a plank. Jasmine was sad as her friend Blaineley left, and wondered if Sadie and Trent are in an alliance. In the next episode Jasmine got a new hat from Sierra and made friends with Jo from the other team. Her worst fears were confirmed when she was voted out later that ceremony, but was glad to find out it was a non elimination and she was switching to Team Retro. She tried her hardest in the challenge, but still lost it. In the ceremony she recieved 1 vote. She is estatic when she finds out she merged. She was the worst in the challenge crashing right away/ She is shocked after she is eliminated later on in that episode due to Jo backstabed her being wortless, and Sierra due to her joining Sadie's allainice. She is mentioned in the next episode by Sky.


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