Jo is letting Zoey know she is Incharged of the allainice.

This page sums up the interactions between Jo and Zoey

Total Drama Revenge of the IslandEdit

The two of them are place on the same team but have little interaction thanks to both of them leaving early. At first Jo found her as retro as Spongebob. She did find her commando side Impressive. After Zoey left Jo didn't show much Emotion expect she wanted Sam out next. They both supported Anne Maria in the finale.

Total Drama UnderdogsEdit

The two are once again placed on the same team and quckly becomes friends as Zoey is one of the feel people Jo tursts. They quickly from an Allainice with Jo leading and Zoey being seconed in command.


  • They are both in the finale of Total Drama Underdogs and are on of the five Second Gen. cast to reach it.
    • All five of theme where on the same team and been in an allainice with Jo before.

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