Jump for your life
Season 1, Episode 1
Date May 22, 2015
Challenge(s) Jump off a cliff into water and get judged based on your jump, -10 for a contestant that doesn't jump.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Killer Salmon
Eliminated Tyler
Exile Izzy
Episode Guide
"Can you True or False?"

22 contestants meet for the first time. Instantly alliances form, frienships are made, and attractions build. The contestants are given their challenge. One team ultimately wins, and one team who didn't even do the challenge loses. A jock gets voted off while a psycho gets exiled.

Final votes:

Votes for Tyler: Leshawna, Alejandro, Katie, DJ

Votes for Leshawna: Harold, Tyler, and Ezekiel

Votes for DJ: Lindsay

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