Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Played By DuncanFanTD

Kai, labeled The Secretive Jock, will be a contestant on Total Drama: Red Carpet.


Kai is a very friendly well rounded athletic individual. He tries to make the most amount of friends as possible. Everything he does is done to the best of his abilities, and he is a very competitive team player. His downside is he is very secretive and manipulative. Sometimes to win the game he has to betray more than one person to help further himself in the competition. He does not do it on purpose, but does what ever it takes to win. Other than this Kai has a bit of a arrogant attitude that some may find annoying. He is romantically skilled, and thinks with his heart which could result in him making unwise decisions. Kai makes for an interesting contestant, and is determined to be #1 at any cost.

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