Let's Play a Love Game!
Season 3, World Tour, Episode 10
Date 4th October 2013
Winner(s) Team Perfection
Eliminated Gwen
Episode Guide
"It's Time For The Roman Laugh-a-lympics!"
"So long, farewell, pip-pip, cheer-io! Who will be back soon?"

This is the Tenth episode of Total Drama World tour that aired on the 4th of October 2013. This is the start of the inter-team alliance arc of episodes as well as Geoff's short stint as antagonist.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode kicks off with a ground breaking move: After their continued losses Geoff hatched a plan to make an inter team alliance between Team Perfection and Team Anti Social to make sure the unbeatable warriors finally lose. This weeks challenge takes them to Japan for a board game styled game show where one contestant from each team is put into a hamster ball. The contestants have cards with options including move forward, knock back, etc. This proves to be a great challenge for the alliance as they use their knock back cards to gang up on the warriors. Leshawna is hesitant due to Harold being in there but with Geoff's threats Leshawna had no choice but to ignore his pleas and send him back also. A few turns later and The Warriors had lost, forcing them to send Gwen home.

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