Mutant Maggots

Villainous Vultures

Team Friendship

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episodes Competed 26
Eliminated TDRI:Hide & Seeeeeeeeeeeek!

TDAS: Capture the Coon

TDR: Merge Time, or Shatter Time

Place TDRI: 8th

TDAS: 10th

TDR: 15th

Relationship Katie
Family Pop
Friends Katie, Duncan, Dave Shawn, and Gwen
Enemies Dakota (one sided on her side), Cameron, Sam, Anne Maria, Brick, Geoff, Sugar, Samey and Beth
Played By ChunkyChipackers

Lightning, labeled The Athletic Overachiever, is a contestant on Total Drama Revenge of the Island. He is played by ChunkyChipackers.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

"The Race For First Place!"Edit

Lightning arrived to the Island thinking he could beat anyone.He was the second person to finish the race and was mad Jo beat him.He was very mad at his team for losing the challenge.At the ceremony Lighting showed no emotion when Staci was eliminated.  

"Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!"Edit

Lightning was mad at Chris for waking up him up before he finished his Super Bowl victory Dream. During the challenge He was the guard for his cage,But was short lived as Jo knocked him out.Lightning was knocked out for the rest of the Episode.

"A Sting & A Zing"Edit

In this episode, Lightning got mad when he realized that someone had stolen his protein. He blamed B. During the honey bee hive escape challenge, he declared that he was the leader of the Mutant Maggots. When Dakota and Cameron were slowing his team down, he carried them to the finish line, but his team ended up losing. He promised Dakota that he would vote for Cameron, only to backstab her. He was also annoyed when Dakota wasn't eliminated, but instead switched to the Toxic Rats.

"Wawanakwa Showdown"Edit

Lightning didn't really do much this episode, unlike his usual behavior. He was sent by Mike to go with Cameron and spy on the other team to see what they were doing. He continuously referred to Cameron as "little girl". He was really happy when his team won the challenge.

Season User Rank Team
1 Not Competing
2 Not Competing
3 Not Competing
4 ChunkyChipackers 8th Mutant Maggots
5 10th Villainous Vultures


  • Lightning was the last one voted out Premerge in all of his seasons.
    • He had has the most subs with 5.
  • Lightning is the first contestant to experience both Exile Island and Redemption Island.