The following is a list of inactive users on this wiki. Our TDR Wiki first opened on August 27, 2013 and we've had a lost of users join us. Sadly, some of our user's have left us and become inactive. The following user's are all inactive and are listed on account of who joined first, to our newest members. To be considered "inactive" you must not edit, or come on the LiveChat for at least a month. If you do come in the chat or edit within a month you will be considered an active user.

If you can think of more inactive users; feel free to add more people to this list. REMEMBER: Make sure the user(s) you add to this list are inactive, and are added on account of who joined first to last. If two or more people joined on a certain day add the person whose username is alphabetically in order. Make sure you also make there name as a link click-able to there profile. Thank you, and feel free to view our List Of Active Users!

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