Look to What Lies Ahead is the name of a song Amy, Samey, and Scarlett sang for the challenge in The Drama-Factor.


Samey: Life goes forward, my dear. It does not dwell on the past. Once it's gone, it is clear. We cannot make it last.
Scarlett: You can't change what has been. What shall be is up to you. Trust in what's yet unseen. Move forward t'ward the new.
Amy: So... look to what lies...
Samey: ...ahead.
Scarlett: The Earth turns 'round every day.
Amy: Rivers flow t'ward the sea.
Samey: They only go one way.
Scarlett: It's how it's been and will always be.
Amy: And so it is, our lives are too.
Samey: One must not get turned around.
Scarlett: Done is done, but what's to do?
Amy: We are future bound.
Samey: Look to what lies ahead.
Scarlett: They say if the shoe fits, wear it.
Amy: Look to what lies ahead.
Samey: If the going gets tough, grin and bear it.
Scarlett: Jump in when the water's fine.
Amy: If not, wait 'til your stars align.
Samey: Try to find the most comf'table bed.
Scarlett: Or the most handsomest nerd instead.
Amy: Your spirit leads. It won't be lead.
Samey: So, look to what lies ahead.
Scarlett: Look to what...
Amy: ...look to what lies...
All: ...ahead!

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