Mixing Drama With Pleasure is the sixth episode Total Drama Redemption, That Aired on the 13th of April 2014

Mixing Drama with Pleasure
Season 8, Episode 6
Mixing Drama with Pleasure
Date 13th April 2014
Challenge(s) Trust Challenges
Winner(s) Team Crushers of Opposition
Eliminated Samey ( Eliminated
Exile Sugar
Episode Guide
"Totem Drama!"
"Time to Swing on Vines!"

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode kicks off with a dramatized variation of blackjack between Shawn and Samey. The game is very heated as the two break into an argument. During the huge fight Shawn freezes and also tells Samey he loves her. A weirded out Samey engages in more talking with him and goes over the card limit in the process, losing the duel. After this Shawn plants a kiss on Samey and Samey final gives in, kissing him back and leaving him her number. At the camp, Katie deals with the backlash of her blindside but soon gets a happy surprise when she hears Beth flipped too. Geoff continues trying to woo Sugar while Izzy messes with the lair. It's challenge time and it's all about trusting team mates. The first round pairs Beth with Lightning and Max with B. One person must go underwater and untie their partner before the other. Lightning has a lot of trouble with it and keeps on making it worse, but B on the other hand gets it done with ease. A confused and breathless Lightning pictures Beth as Katie and accidently shares a kiss with her. Geoff gets a kiss of his own from Sugar, making them official, much to his teams disgust. Geoff uses his success as a way to suggest Max do the same with Amy, much to his annoyance. It's the 2nd challenge and the contestants must cook a octopus and feed it to their team mate the quickest. Geoff is with Izzy and Kati is with Gwen. Geoff barfs but manages to down his the quickest, giving them the win by 2 consecutive rounds and their 3rd consecutive challenge win. While the team celebrates Max brings Amy to a secluded area and very nervously asks her if she would be his....second in command. It's ceremony time and Gwen and Katie are our bottom 2. At the same time that Lightning announces his kiss with Beth, Chris reveals that not only did the votes tie, but that this week was a reward!


  • This marks the end of Rodney and Samey's relationship but the beginning of Samey and Shawn's.
  • This is the beginning of Sugar and Geoff's relationship.
  • This is the first reward of the season
  • This is the first tie of the season and the first one in the RP's history to be left unresolved
  • This is the first time in the RP where not every active contestant participates in the challenge.
  • This is the first time someone won more than one duel.
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