Out Play, Out Puke is the 4th episode of Total Drama Redemption which happened on April 11th, 2014. 

Out Play, Out Puke
Season 8, Episode 4
Out Play Out Puke
Date 11th April 2014
Challenge(s) * Make Food for the other team
  • Eat and Don't puke
Winner(s) Team Crushers of Opposition
Eliminated Shawn (Sent Redemption Island)

Ella (Eliminated)

Exile B
Episode Guide
"Blind Trust is Key"
"Totem Drama!"

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins just like every other one: strategizing and craziness. Duncan and Gwen try to convince each other to flip and during the argument Duncan finds an idol which he hides immediately. Amy makes a little discovery of her own when she stumbles upon Max's new lair. Katie also has an exciting romance brewing between her and the shows resident jock. There is some drama off the island too with Ella losing a classic game of rock paper scissors to Ezekiel The contestants are called over and it's announced that the teams are competing in a Total Drama tradition: the annual eating challenge. The teams must split up and make dishes which they must serve to the other team in order to make them puke. The teens come up with many grotesque and somewhat disturbing treats that would make any normal person puke their guts out. The teens barely stomach the food and Dave, Beth and Lightning all drop. The challenge soon turns to chaos as Amy and Samey burst into a huge argument with Shawn adding fuel to the fire by planting a kiss on Amy much to her horror and Max's shock. The problem becomes to much and Chris soon gives the Crushers the win by default. Shawn and Samey talk with Shawn mentioning his feelings for her, leaving her confused. Max also gets into a conversation with Amy which leads to awkward results. Later on it's ceremony time and Shawn and Samey are at the bottom. More and more votes are tallied until the last one is revealed and Shawn is sent home. Duncan attempts to put his idol in play but Chris reveals it to be a fake, officially making Shawn eliminated, leaving Samey annoyed, Duncan confused and Max- the guy who planted it, pleased.


  • This is the first episode to happen on two different days with the challenge happening on April 11th and the RI duel being on April 12th
  • This is the second season to feature a fake immunity idol, in this case, Duncan used it.
  • First instance of a love square (Shawn, Amy, Max, Samey) since WT (Heather, Leshawna, Harold and Alejandro)
  • As of this episode, 3 of the 4 people sent to Redemption Island were from the 3rd generation.

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