Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Floating Salmon
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Samey 1st Place
Lowest ranking member Jasmine 14th place
Advanced to Underdogs 3
Advanced to Redemption 5
Advanced to Superstars 1
Team selected by Chris


Player Rankings Reason
Jasmine 14th Fainted durning the long hike and reached the finshed last. The team saw her worthless.
Leonard 13th Fell alseep first in the challenge and tired to turn Troy into a frog. 
Rodney 11th He went to get something to eat leaving Samey his girlfriend behind at the egg blance. Samey thought he betrend her and got the rest of the team to vote him off.
Amy 7th Max wanted revenge on her for backstabing his friend Berondo, so in turn he got Lindsay's pet snake Mr Rock to bit Sugar and Ella and in turn trick them into voting off Amy.
Ella 6th Blown up the cabins catching the IRMPC attition. They take her to jail thinking she's Izzy
Sugar 3rd Loses in a vote.
Samey 1st WINNER!

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