The episode starts off with Gwen and Katie discussing highlights of the game, and both go back and fourth about the elimination of Samey. They then walk to the challenge area where Chris and the eliminated contestants are seen. Samey and Shawn are making out, so are Geoff and Sugar. Dave and Duncan are seen still as allies. They then choose helpers for the challenge. Gwen selects Duncan and Dave and Katie selected Lightning and Beth. They all start running to the lava. Dave has an idea and helps Gwen through the lava. Katie thinks she should just follow Dave, so she and her group does so. Meanwhile, Duncan grabs Shawn's skateboard and goes across the lava with it. The next stage is giant rolling boulders. Dave once again uses his brains and helps Gwen and Duncan through. Katie once again follows. They head into the bat cave and Gwen uses Duncan's lighter to see through. Meanwhile, a small group of eliminated contestants want to have a better view of the challenge so they start climbing up the mountain. Both Katie and Gwen make it out the cave and starts battling, with Gwen having the crappy suit and Katie having a nice one. Gwen falls, but after Duncan and Dave encourage her, she gets up and wins one million dollars!


  • This is the sixth season finale in a row in which a female wins

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