Chris in the rain
==Plot Summary==

The episode started off with Izzy and Amy desperate for a plan, and the alliance of 5 are proud of the work they have done.Gwen comes up with a plan not trusting Amy to spilt the vote between her and Izzy. Amy seemed to be really upset about Max's departure, Gwen tried comforting her about it, but, it endes up being a pretty bad pep talk, and Amy was angry at her. Beth tried comforting her soon after, followed with Amy ignoring her. The contestants were walking to the immunity challenge, suddnely, it started pouring. Beth aruges with Chris about the weather. The challenge is to try to balance a bucket on your head, while it collects rain, if you drop your bucket, you are out, last person remaming wins immunity. Right when the challenge started, Beth started struggling with balance. Amy semmed confident, as balance is something she's used to. Duncan, Dave, and Gwen close their eyes and concerntrate. Gwen and Katie try to support Beth, but she drops. Soon after Katie drops. Beth and Katie are seen shivering, while watching the challenge. Duncan almost loses balance, but makes a quick save. Dave almost stumbles, but saves, then, drops his bucket. Just like that, 4 are seen remaining all fighting. Izzy drops. Duncan thinks a bit, then calmly lays his bucket down, eliminating him from the challenge. It is Gwen versus Amy, who is on the chopping block, Gwen thinks a bit about what would help her in the long run and makes a deal with Amy, that involves saving the minority alliance of two. After that, Amy is seen dropping, making Gwen win immunity. At the elimination, Gwen's plan worked, as Dave was voted off in a 3-2-2 vote, shocking Katie, Beth, and Duncan. 


  • As of this episode, Duncan is the only remaining male.
  • As of this episode, Amy is the last standing person from Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
  • This marks the fourth consecutive elimination in which a male is eliminated.

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