Psychotic Actors
Gender Female
Hair color light blonde
Eye color green
Eliminated TDRC: TBA
Relationship Derek (mutual attraction)
Friends Dany, Coco, Daniel, Kai, Derek
Enemies TBA
Played By PrincessElla
Rosie, labeled The Incredible Shy Girl is a contestant of Total Drama: Red Carpet and a member of the Psychotic Actors.


Rosie wasn't shy from the start. It all began when her mom told her to audition for the school play, but she fell out of stage on the premiere. Everybody was laughing at her. She lost all of her self confidence. Her mean older sister was always bullying her and did everything better than her. 

Personality Edit

Rosie loves art because she doesn't need to speak with anybody. She can just draw quietly. A lot of boys really wanted to ask Rosie out, but she was too much into worry. She's never had a boyfriend or an actual, good friend.

Audition Edit

Total Drama: Red Carpet Edit

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