This is the first epiosde of Total Drama Underdogs that aired on the 8th of Febuary 2014 

16 losers, 1 city, let the drama begin
Season 7, Episode 1
Underdogs Trent and DJ
Date 8th Febuary 2014
Challenge(s) Dumpster dive and find key.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Team Retro
Eliminated B
Exile Sierra
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Pahkitew Island"
"Battling with Bread"

The episodeEdit

A grand old Bus comes into the big city of New York relase ing the underdogs. some of them has chaged since there last season. Everyone was pretty excited to be back. They begins to bond and creates new friendships. They are quickly sprearted into two teams. They get to pick the teams name. Rodney chose team Golden Champs and Sky chose Team Retro. Zoey gets offended by Team Retro name and Jo isn't to happy about it Ethire. The challenge becomes to drive into a dumpster, find a key and bring it to the personal hotel. Jo and Jasmine quickly became team leaders. Sky shows off her Althite side by reaching the spa hotel but misses, Jasmine try's to find the right key but also fails. Jo pushes Leonard into the dumpster where he chocks on the wrong key, later Sadie B Zoey and Topher also failed. When all hope was lost a newly refreshed Owen runs out there behind Topher and finds the right key for Team Retro. Jasminethoughts B did the worst so she try's to converice the team to vote her off, meanwhile Rodney fills weird about having an adult on the team and tires to vote her off.  As Blaineley and B lands in the bottom two the final Marshmaollow went to Blainelly forcing B to take the taxi of shame. B tires to say goodbye but is force into the spa hotel before hand. Sierra gets exiled to the Getto to find a Chris head

Charcters Edit

Charcter Actor
Chris 1 GODuncan
Blaineley GODDuncan
Jasmine GODuncan
Rodney Rj3ful1
Sky  1 Subed by Drfizwuz997xlol
Sierra Drfizwuz997xlol
Jo Drfizwuz997xlol
Staci Alexhouse
Sam OMGIt'sGarret
Topher OMGIt'sGarret
Sadie 1 Subed by Rj3ful1
Zoey  1 Subed by OMGIt'sGarret

  • Chef, B, Dj, Leonard, Owen, and Trent appare but have no lines.
  • 1 indacates that they were subbed.


  • This marks the first time since Brick,Mal, and some chicks that someone is exiled.
  • This is the first time since Revenge of the Island that the person that is emilated has no lines.
    • In both cases that person was B.
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