Sugar and Samey started becoming very close friends during thire time on the show and went into a friendship finale with Shawn. They where placed on the same team and while most people where mean to Sugar, Samey was nice to everyone and wanted to become friends. Together with Ella they made a girl allainice and super close friendship which took the three of them to the final 6. When Shawn started being mean to Samey, Sugar kept them together.

Total Drama Patkiew IslandEdit

In the first episode when Jasmine is mad at Sugar, Samey defends her saying that at least she did somewhat good in the challenge. The two of them voted for Jasmine. together.

In the sleep challenge, Samey was busy filrting with [[Rodney] and went to sleep together. When the team lost Sugar was once again in the bottom two. Samey was hoping she was safe and she was! The next episode they began to bond and Sugar methiod that she alwalys wanted Blonde hair. After wining there first challenge the two of them started an allainice together with Ella and Scareltt from the other team. In the next episode Shawn once again started making fun of Sugar. Samey stood up to her and Shawn was attartived to this. After they lost the challenge they both voted off Shawn as he switched teams. 

In the racing challenge the team spited up with Sugar and Ella and Samey Rodney going in the same car. As they filrt Samey asks Rodney if he likes big sassy nice girls, which he then said as a firend. Sugar and Ella finshed early but after Rodney had to use the bathroom while Samey was bindfolded costing them the challenge. Samey was very hurt by this and Sugar made it up to her by voting off Rodney. They all give Rodney a really big hug as he went to his cannon. Sugar congratled Samey on getting her's first boyfirend. After Amy switched over the two of them where very happy. With her on there side they both thought it was the end of the losing steak.

Total Drama RedemtionEdit

They have little interaction due to being on different teams. On Redemption Island Samey called Sugar a cow to Sugar's boyfriend Geoff.

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