Harold confessional

Harold cameoing

This is how people left in Total Drama Underdogs. Sometimes there blues clips showing what happened to the person after they left.

Leonard's Taxi of ShameEdit

It took him to Steve's wizards magical camps where he was finding for top wizard, he won angist some nerdy intern and in the finale it was him vs Harold. Leonard expected to win but he was losing badly. So he used an illegal card. He was able to bet Harold but he noticed he cheated. The cops came and arrested Leonard.

Rodney's Taxis of ShameEdit

Rodney started off in the taxi stating his mistakes he made in the game about trust and strategy, Rodney noticed the gas was pretty low and notified the driver. The taxi stopped and got out the car. Rodney the noticed a dark shadowy figure heading towards him, he then panicked, then the cliff ended.


  • So far Leonard is the only one to have one.
  • Harold is the only former contestant to cameo in one.
  • This reaves the second person to get arrested.

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