Team Golden Champs
Team Golden Champs
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Trent 4th/5th Place
Lowest ranking member B 16th Place
Advanced to Redemption 1
Advanced to Superstars 0
Team selected by Chris
  • Blaineley
  • Staci
  • Topher
  • Rodney (switched out)
  • Sadie
  • Jasmine (switched out)
  • B
  • Trent


Name Gender Rank for team Rank overall Episode voted off Reason voted off
B Male 6th 16th 16 losers, 1 city, let the drama begin He cost the team the challenge.
Staci Female 5th 14th Valentine's Day Puzzle She was trying to get out Jasmine but she got her allainice to vote off Staci.
Topher Male 4th 12th Topher Gets Busted......Again He made Trent feels awarked, and was also the smartest person on the team.
Blaineley Female 3rd 10th Every Chef Needs An Amy. She was first one out in challenge and Trent and Sadie voted her out.
Sadie Female 2nd 6th The Ailnilce Games Sadie had a plan to get rid of Trent, which succeeded, as he was going to be sent home, till he used the Golden Chris Head, which cause her to go home, as she had the next highest amount of votes.
Trent Male 1st 4th/5th The Waves To the Final Three Without an idol, Trent was voted out along with Sierra, having 3 votes.


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