Team Retro
Team Retro
Number of members 11
Highest ranking member Zoey 1st Place
Lowest ranking member Leonard 15th Place
Advanced to Redemption 0
Advanced to Superstars 2
Team selected by Chris


Name Gender Rank for team Rank overall Episode voted off Reason voted off
Leonard Male 10th 15th Battling with Bread He did nothing but read his wizard book, and he lost the tie breaker to Rodney
Sam Male 9th 13th The Demo Derby Taxis Zoey remeberd that Sam backstabed her last season and didn't trust him.
DJ Male 8th 11th Plays Are to be Made Fun of, Not Heard Jo found his ramdon fighting with Blaineley as weakness
Rodney Male 7th 9th Racing with Beds! Jo thought he was to love sick of Samey and wanted them to be together.
Jasmine Female 6th 8th In 30 Maggots Or Less Sadie was mad at her for backstabing and Jo regetted the allainice with such a target
Sky Female 5th 7th Extreme Game Takeover : Home Edition Owen backstabed her to stay in the game.
Sierra Female 4th 4th/5th The Waves To the Final Three With Sadie gone, Trent started targeting Sierra, they were both later sent home woth Sierra getting 2 votes.
Owen Male 3rd 3rd Trouble with Trivia In the intease death trivia Challenege Owen got three wrong while Jo and Zoey only got one.
Jo Female 2nd 2nd Finale Lost in a 68-6-4 vote to sadie & Zoey.
Zoey Female 1st 1st Finale Won in a 6-6-4 vote to Jo.


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