• Mike
  • Leshawna
  • Anne Maria
Team Scott
Number of members 7
Highest ranking member Dave 2nd Place
Lowest ranking member Mike 13th Place
Team selected by Chris
  • Amy
  • Lindsay
  • Dave
  • Scott
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Reason
Mike Male 13th 7th Taken down by alliance.
Leshawna Female 12th 6th She was blamed for the loss.
Lindsay Female 11th 5th She recieved the second most votes but Anne Maria used her idol to eliminate her.
Amy Female 9th 4th Was ganged up on.
Anne Maria Female 8th 3rd Eliminated by Alliance
Scott Male 4th 2nd Was considered a threat and voted off.
Dave Male 2nd 1st Lost to Scarlett in vote.

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