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This is the first episode of Total Drama Redemption that aired on the 2nd of April.

The 2nd Chance of A Lifetime
Season 8, Episode 1
2nd life
Date 2nd April 2014
Winner(s) Team Crushers of Opposition
Eliminated Ella ( To Redemption Island)
Episode Guide
"The Ultimate Underdog Finale!

Total Drama Underdogs"

"Waterfalls and Strategic Brawls"

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode starts off with them in the plane being welcomed to a brand new season, the contestants are surpisingly pretty happy and Chris reveals the teams and even lets them pick their names Samey, Shawn, Ella, Dave, Katie, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen and Beth were called Team Friendship and Sugar,Scarlett, Max, Amy, Beardo, Ezekiel, Geoff, Izzy and B were the Crushers of Opposition. After the teams were announced Chris made the challenge: head to the jungle and set up your permanent shelters while surviving the night. The teams rush to the jungle and things heat up. Max finds a new lair and a new ally in Zeke, Shawn deals with his loneliness, B and Beardo argue and Duncan and Shawn manage to find a cave for them to spend the night. Meanwhile with the Crushers they find a ginormous tree and attempt to make a treehouse but are attacked by apes. It worsens for both sides as it begins to rain and grow darker. Katie has to go to the bathroom and Duncan suggests she go outside and find a bush, she is first hesitant but Gwen volunteers to watch out for anything. Katie thanks her and Gwen manages to get her to align with her but they are scared away by a bear. It is now morning time and the Crushers are announced as the winners. At the ceremony everybody on Team Friendship is safe but Dave, Samey and Ella. Dave and Samey get coconuts meaning Ella is going home, or at least she thought until Chris revealed she was heading to redemption island! Ella said her goodbyes as Chris signed off and the first episode drew to a close.


  • This is the 3rd season to let the contestants chose their names
  • This features the first alliance between a 1st and 3rd generation contestant
  • Chris was played by DegrassiFTW27
  • This is the first season to introduce Redemption Island
  • This marks the first time, since Total Drama Island where Ezekiel competes
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