The All Star Finale
Season 5, Episode 16
Courtney vs Dakota
Date 13th December
Challenge(s) A race through 3 levels to pull a sword from a rock
Reward(s) 1,000,000 dollars
Winner(s) Courtney]
Eliminated Dakota
Episode Guide
"Hot Air-Balloon War"
"Celebrity Manhunt"

The All-Star Finale: Queen vs. Mean! is the final episode of Total Drama: All Stars. It aired on December 13, 2013.

Total Drama All-Stars episodes
Pre-merge Heroes VS. Villains An Apple a Day Keeps the Ceremony Away To Kill a Contestant Big Ballin Leech battle The Key to Victory Total Drama Pukefest No Treasure found in Drama Capture the Coon
Post-merge A Push in the Race The Ultimate Cookoff Mal, Brick, and a Lot of Chicks Mal Over Troubled Waters Wipe Castle Hot Air Balloon War The All Star Finale

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