The Control-Freaks Come Out At Night
Season 8, Episode 11
The Control-Freaks Come Out At Night
Date April 27, 2014
Challenge(s) Make it to the other side of the woods at night.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Team Friendship
Eliminated Suger (Sent to Redemption Island)
Episode Guide
"Early Morning Mayhem"
"Merge Time, or Shatter Time"

The Control-Freaks Come Out At Night is the Eleventh episode of Total Drama Redemption that aired on the 2st of April, It it also the last challenge before the merges

Plot SummaryEdit

In the second part of the Total Drama Redemption double elimination event, the contestants continue their day as Chris announces that the contestants must race across the jungle and find a safe house while avoiding the apes. That proves to be difficult as they soon see a huge, monster movie-esque ape which soon chases the groups. Amy wanders off and runs into Team Friendship which Gwen uses as an opportunity to try to get merge allies, a attempt which Max soon stops as he drags Amy away. The Crushers get cornered underground but Sugar somehow gets the monster on their side and gets him to take them to the finish. Meanwhile Katie finds the safe house but the rest of her team is neck and neck with the apes, it becomes a close race but Friendship gets the close win with Izzy being off by a split second. The Crusher's are sent to ceremony and surprisingly, Sugar is sent home.


  • This is the first episode to take place at night since Revenge of The Island.
  • With Sugar gone Max is the last of the TDPI final six.
  • This title is a reference to the song "The Freaks Come Out at Night" with the control part having to do with Gwen's attempt to sway Amy to their side.
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