Plot SummaryEdit

The episode starts off with Max, Izzy, and Amy talking about saving their butts. Max reveals that he has one more trick up his sleeve. Beth is seen apologizing to the alliance of three. The challenge then starts, and it's one on one match ups. The winner moves on to the next round. It goes on until there are two. One of the two will take immunity, while the other one will take a prize. It's Duncan vs Amy where they have to swim, get a key, and swim back, avoiding sharks. The sharks seemed to surround Amy, giving Duncan an advantage, and he wins the challenge. Now sits Gwen vs Max. Max is talking strategy with her as they are having a sword fight. Gwen keeps hitting, but she falls to the ground, making Max move on. Next it's Beth vs Katie. Beth is struggling climbing up the mountain, while Katie is seen doing great. Katie reaches the top, then slides down, but she stumbles, and is dizzy. Beth is right behind her sliding. Katie ended up moving on. Now it's Dave vs Izzy, the two have to dig up a key then unlock a door. Inside the door is a big pole, which you have to climb up to the top for 30 seconds. Dave quickly digs up a key, and starts climbing up. Izzy soon finds the key and starts climbing. Dave's pants end up falling off. Dave and Izzy reach the top at the same time, but Izzy falls, and takes Dave with her. Both climb back up, and Dave moves on. Now, they must stay on a canoe, pushing the other person off. It's Duncan vs Max. Duncan tackles him down, and Max kicks his kiwis. Duncan ends up shoving Max off, giving him either immunity or a prize. Now it's Katie vs Dave, Dave refused to hit a girl, but after Katie hit him, he pushed Katie in the water. Dave and Duncan peacefully decide that Duncan takes immunity and Dave takes the prize. The alliance of three ended up losing their leader at elimination, Max, Amy was shown to be both sad and shocked. While the alliance of five were just smiling, Max seemed okay with it though.


  • This is third consecutive elimination in which a male member from the Crushers is eliminated.

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