The Four Rounds of Torture is the fourth episode of Total Drama: Superstars.

The Four Rounds of Torture
Season 9, Episode 4
Date June 13, 2014
Challenge(s) Go through 4 rounds of challenges, one for each team member
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Radioactive Leeches
Eliminated Max
Exile Zoey
Episode Guide
"Battle of the Snow Forts!"
"Do you want to build a snow Chris?"


The episode begins with Duncan questioning his friend's elimination, Shawn. Chris announces the challenge will be five rounds, with one represneitive from each team competing a round. The first contest was physical and Mike, Leshawna, and Scarlett volunteered. Leshawna started off very agressive, but MIke fought back, as Scarlett tried to stay away. Leshawna worked with Scarlett to eliminate Mike from the challenge. Due to Mike losing, Jo was talking the Leeches into voting off Mike if they lose. Scarlett was scared of Leshawna hurting her, but Leshawna sat on her and gained a point for the Game's veterans. Lindsay, Scott, and Beardo volunteered for the next contest, it was a quiz about the past seasons. Everyone thought Lindsay was doomed, but shockingly, she did well, but still lost to Scott, giving the Radioactive Leeches a point. For the next contest, Zoey, Max, and Courtney volunteered. It was a sled race, with Chef shooting obstacles. Courtney fell off her sled, and it was head to head between Zoey and Max. In less than half a second, Zoey won, giving the Radioactive Leeches their second point. Next, Anne Maria, Amy, and Harold volunteered. It was a snowball fight, the snowballs had a colored dye in it, and by the end of the round, whoever is covered in the least dye wins. They all began throwing quickly. Anne Maria nudged Amy, stating to work together to throw at Harold. She agreed, until Anne Maria thought Amy was ugly and threw at her. The two threw back and fourth, and Harold won. Since there was no possible way Team Kai Mata can win, they went to elimination. In a shocking vote, they voted off the villain, Max, in a 3-2 vote.


  • This marks the first time Beardo outranks Max.

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